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Год выпуска - 2004 г.
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The Closed Stock Company "PRAD Service" (the daughter company of the Joint Stock Company (JSC) "Ural Works of Civil Aviation", Ekaterinburg, Russia) is offering services in overhaul, repair and delivery of the aviation equipment belonging to the production and overhaul sphere of the JSC "Ural Works of Civil Aviation", which is a fully certified and officially authorized enterprise for the overhaul of the aviation equipment mentioned below and has got at its disposal all latest approved and updated overhaul Manuals, Technology and Bulletins.
We are offering an overhaul and delivery of the aviation equipment as follows:

  • aviation engines TV3-117MT for Mi-8MT (Mi-17), Mi-14 Helicopters,
  • aviation engines TV3-117VM for Mi-8MTV, Mi-171V Helicopters,
  • aviation engines TV3-117 of VMA, VMA ser.2, V, VK versions for Mi-24, Mi-28, Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-32, Ka-50, Ka-52 Helicopters,
  • aviation engines TV2-117A(AG) and main gearboxes VR-8A for Mi-8 Helicopters,
  • main gearboxes VR-14 for Mi-8MTV-1, Mi-17, Mi-14 Helicopters,
  • main gearboxes VR-24 for Mi-24 Helicopters,
  • aviation engines GTD-350 for Mi-2 Helicopters,
  • aviation engines NK-8-2U for Tu-154B airplanes,
  • additional power unit Ai-9V. An unique technology developed by Ural Works of Civil Aviation is applied during engines overhaul process for covering of erosion resistant coating on engine compressor blades. Owing to this protective coating application for compressor blades, performance characteristics of engines are increased considerably:
  • the coating allows to maintain high engine efficiency during the whole period of operation, whereas engines without coating have got power losses up to 25%,
  • Engines service life is increased to about 30%,
  • Fuel consumption is decreased up to 15%.
    Engines with coating haven't got removals ahead of time and needs of appeal to an overhaul enterprise are decreased.
    JSC "Ural Works of Civil Aviation" is a designer and a sole owner of this technology. The enterprise has received the appropriate patents for invention in Russian Federation, USA, Canada, European and Eurasian Patent Offices.

    JSC "Ural Works of Civil Aviation" is a holder of:
    - Conformity Certificate No. 2021040092 dated 23.01.2004 on the basis of the system of aircraft transport certification of the Russian Federation,
    - Certificate No. СПР-20 of Repair Agency dated 25.08.1999, issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK),
    - License GA No. R-0004 dated 5.02.2004 for the overhaul of the aviation equipment incl. two purpose use, issued by the State Department of the Civil Aviation (Rosaviatsia) of the Transport Ministry of the Russian Federation,
    - License 98-A-AI-Rm No. 000100 dated 18.06.2004 for the overhaul of the aviation equipment incl. two purpose use, issued by the Federal Agency for Industry,
    - License 1637-A-VT-Rm No. 002148 dated 21.07.2005 for the overhaul of the armament and military equipment, issued by the Federal Agency for Industry.
    The safety standards comply with the international ICAO requirements.
    The quality assurance system corresponds to the requirements of SRPP VT, GOST R - ISO 9002-96 (partially).

    We are offering services in providing aviation enterprises and companies using Mi and Ka Helicopters with necessary equipment and spares too.

    In case of your interest we are ready to study and realize projects of the mutual benefit.

    General director                                                                                                                          V.G. Zautashvili

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